Metoda Mikuž, M.Sc.

Pet animal behaviour counselling

When owner and dog need an explanation.

Pet Behaviour Counselling is translation, legal and therapeutic work. Owners at my counselling get an explanation for the dog’s behavior, which is often not in line with the owner’s wishes. Life through a dog’s eyes is different from a human’s and both sides need an explanation. Advising owners consists of browsing through their memory, when they found out they didn’t understand the dog’s behavior, and how they reacted at the time. Then we find out where the problem lies and find a solution and put together a program to rehabilitate canine behavior.

As human race progressed through time, developed new skills and gained new knowledge, dogs stay unchanged in their genetic behaviour and expressed emotions.

Thus, a clash is inevitable when both parties don’t accommodate the demands of each other. I call myself a referee or translator, helping them to understand each other. Apart of training, listening to the owners, calming them, encouraging them to understand their dogs is of paramount importance.

Metoda Mikuž, M.Sc.

Pet Animal Behaviour Consultant

I hold MSc in Pet Animal Behaviour Counselling from the Southampton University, give lectures on pivotal topics regarding dogs and have now column in the Slovenske Novice and dog related magazines. In 1992, I am a co-founder of a dog training school “Švrk” in Ljubljana. I am a provisional member of Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). I am also president of the Club for Tibetan Breeds of Slovenia and I own one native Tibetan Terrier from the Province Kham in Eastern Tibet. I live in Ljubljana and offer counselling in Slovene and English.

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